It’s Christmas time again, in NYC!

Christmas is a magical time on its own. The lights, the shopping, families and celebratory cheer! Coming from a non-Christian background, this festival was always intriguing from afar. Sure we had our little traditions at home, I had my one-foot long tree with books as presents. Oh and the cherry on top- the ten day winter holidays. But who was to say that few years down the line, I will be celebrating this magical day in the most magical city in the world. Walking down the 5th Avenue, I knew, if Christmas has any magic, it started at NYC.


Along 5th Avenue!

Families were out everywhere, so were the tourists, trying to capture the essence of Christmas in the Big Apple. Central Park was filled with happy faces, Christmas was warm this year. Kids were bundled up like pretty boxes of presents. It was a perfect day to ice-skate, spend some time with your family outside. It was a climate full of cheer!

DSC_6655Not further along the 5th Avenue was a landmark, standing like a tall Christmas tree. Anyone cold spot it far from a distance and know what it was and what it stood for. The identity of New York is incomplete without the Empire State in its full glory! And what a sight it was, like the brightest tree, dressed in the green and red lights. Adorned with appealing decor as you enter, and music that brings joy to the ears, you know you are in the Big Apple with sights like these.

Throughout the avenue, as I walked towards Times Square, on the corner of 39th Street, lights catch your eye. The sidewalk is filled with some more decorations to bring in Christmas. Lord and Taylor, the store in sight, displayed a theme of “A Few of Our Favorite Things” including the Gingerbread Kingdom and a Cuckoo Clock.


Here’s the Gingerbread kingdom!

And can Christmas in New York be complete without Rockefeller? There’s nothing more to be said for this given location other than Christmas tree, decorations, lights and people.


But a must not miss is the show opposite the Rockefeller centre on Saks Fifth Avenue building. A little sparkle, a little cheer, it celebrates the Christmas spirit with the ‘Winter Palace’ dancing to the tunes of ‘Carol of the bells’. The displays in the store window rejoice with the marvels of the world!

Even with the sounds of bells at St. Peter’s Cathedral ringing around me, I heard a very unfamiliar yet catchy tune out of nowhere!

“New York at Christmas, What a show! It’s a total Yuletide High,

From the seaport to Washington heights, every avenue is a string of lights.”

DSC_6682The halls at Radio City, right around the corner, are resonating with this beautiful song! For a moment you might think you are at the North Pole. Imagine getting a glimpse of Santas’s Workshop all with the elves and confetti!  Christmas Spectacular, the Do-No-Miss-This show during the holidays is just what you need and definitely the highlight of spending Holidays in NYC. To top it all, the Rockettes redefine synchronisation in dance. Slender legs, colourful outfits, Father Christmas and an original soundtrack, The Radio City Christmas Spectacular is a holiday tradition you must follow.

For anyone who has been in New York City for Christmas, they know Christmas is so much more when they see the Big Apple shine for all its worth! And as I leave Radio City, I know that a NYC Christmas means a bright tree, is a beautifully wrapped present, a cheerful humming, it’s knowing that in the spirit of NYC, “even the taxi horns seem to harmonize!”


Why must you travel?


“I’m not a good tourist, I generally don’t know where I am going, don’t have an itinerary, that’s why I prefer to be a Traveler!”

Stop what you’re doing. Clear your mind and THINK! It’s a question worth pondering over.

Why must you travel?

Do you travel to escape? Or to run away? Do you travel for a break? Or do you travel because you can? It’s true. Travelling is all that. But, travelling is just not all that.

Travelling is so much more- travelling is feeling the breeze of different place every day; it’s getting Goosebumps each time you explore a new land or discover the same old place again; Travelling is calling the world your home- being drawn to the nomadic way of life; it is embracing each and every stranger as your own; it is never resting, never tripping, never falling and never stopping.

For me, travelling is passion, life in itself. It is seizing each day in a new place, a new country, a new destiny! It is waking up and facing the uncertainty. It’s having a global nationality. Travelling is exploring your soul.

Travel is freedom- and I urge you if you can, leave everything aside, explore a new place, travel alone. Sure, we all have husbands and boyfriends and family, but as a girl I know for sure before the burden of life falls on you- travel! Gain a little insight, meet new people, live through cultures and do whatever the hell you want- ALONE!

Because Travelling isn’t just limited to the experience, it will speak for itself with the adrenaline through your heart, the symphonies of the world creating the beatings of your heart, and the gush you get with the blood flowing through your veins.  And that’s why you must travel.

Re-explore, re-discover, re-live- because I want to fly, I want to run, and I even want to fall … I just don’t want to stop.