Why must you travel?


“I’m not a good tourist, I generally don’t know where I am going, don’t have an itinerary, that’s why I prefer to be a Traveler!”

Stop what you’re doing. Clear your mind and THINK! It’s a question worth pondering over.

Why must you travel?

Do you travel to escape? Or to run away? Do you travel for a break? Or do you travel because you can? It’s true. Travelling is all that. But, travelling is just not all that.

Travelling is so much more- travelling is feeling the breeze of different place every day; it’s getting Goosebumps each time you explore a new land or discover the same old place again; Travelling is calling the world your home- being drawn to the nomadic way of life; it is embracing each and every stranger as your own; it is never resting, never tripping, never falling and never stopping.

For me, travelling is passion, life in itself. It is seizing each day in a new place, a new country, a new destiny! It is waking up and facing the uncertainty. It’s having a global nationality. Travelling is exploring your soul.

Travel is freedom- and I urge you if you can, leave everything aside, explore a new place, travel alone. Sure, we all have husbands and boyfriends and family, but as a girl I know for sure before the burden of life falls on you- travel! Gain a little insight, meet new people, live through cultures and do whatever the hell you want- ALONE!

Because Travelling isn’t just limited to the experience, it will speak for itself with the adrenaline through your heart, the symphonies of the world creating the beatings of your heart, and the gush you get with the blood flowing through your veins.  And that’s why you must travel.

Re-explore, re-discover, re-live- because I want to fly, I want to run, and I even want to fall … I just don’t want to stop.


Perks of being an Orchid

‘Perks of Being an Orchid.’ That’s the final one, I thought to myself.

I decided to start blogging suddenly, out of the blue. For some reason I didn’t ever want to blog, I always feared I would be judged, or maybe I’m not good enough or just plain didn’t want to express. I guess today the sun rose from the West.

So after wasting half a day at work thinking about what name to use as a blogger, I decided on this. (I actually tried a quiz called Which Flower are you?) I am a Libran by birth (we are always confused), so knowing me I will probably start hating the name tomorrow or would find it silly. Till then, I am an Orchid. Being an orchid basically tells you everything about me.

Orchids are very artistic, independent, sweet, love to laugh and are usually VERY good comedians. Truly optimistic, they see the better in life and make very good friends and/or lovers. They are usually honest, loyal. However, even though most Orchids are very positive to their friends and to society, Orchids usually have a very dark secret that they don’t really share unless they feel that they can trust you (Which leads to Orchids being mysterious). Orchids can have abandonment issues, so if you think of wanting one as a lover, you better make it a long-term. Orchids are actually very wise and they seem to understand the world more than most. Orchids are also very spiritual, however not religious. (I have done the simplest thing of copy-pasting this from urbandictionary.com)

That summarises it, well most of it anyway. I don’t really have a deep, dark secret (Here, it being my identity). Most times, I am very open to sharing. But I’m like a complicated novel plot. You don’t know what comes from one moment to next (Sometimes Even I don’t). But I think that’s the beauty of life. Surprise! Even if it whacks you in the face or gives you those rare back-to-back happy days, you will still have some essence of mystery. And what’s life without mystery? The only thing that counts is living each moment, never regretting and having fun.

Until then, folks!