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You write because you have an idea in your mind that feels so genuine, so important, so true. And yet, by the time this idea passes through the different filters of your mind, and into your hand, and onto the page or computer screen — it becomes distorted, and it’s been diminished. The writing you end up with is an approximation, if you’re lucky, of whatever it was you really wanted to say.

– Author Khaled Hosseini


Writing- it’s a passion like no other. An art. An outlet for creativity. An observation. A tale. An insight. Or an upheaval of emotions.

Writing is all this, but so much more. And to me, it is everything. Writing is my escape, my therapy and my tranquil. It is a part of me that no matter how much I push away, won’t leave.

Hence, Voila! A 20-something, lost soul, drifting barely on a raft in this wide blue sea called life. And I am here to blog, about the mysteries of my heart, about the thoughts I can’t fathom and the passions that make me. And I am going to pour my soul out in these write-ups.

Travel is the calling of my soul. Call me a hodophile. I have an urge to travel to catch up with my soul.

I write because I am in love with words. Call me a logophile.

I am the kind of person who thinks a Friday night plan should include spending the night with your favourite food and books. Call me a bibliophile.

My middle name should have been feminist, because well, I am a result inspired from Josephine March (Remember Little Women?). And because of the characters that I grew up with from the books I read and that I created with the stories I wrote, somehow they made me a rebel too.

I am complex, a web, a book, a mystery- each one of us are. Though rarely can we untangle this complexities for the world. Because Mr. Hosseini is absolutely right! I would be arguably fortunate if I can untangle even the slightest bit of what I imagine.  So, join me on this cacophonic journey as I, rather awkwardly and shamefully, share the exploits of the things that have been and the places that are. Join me as I try to untangle this knot, not just for the world but mainly for myself. Take a peek into my thoughts and if you have a thought to share- I’m all ears!


My Son would Never Rape a Woman

My son would never rape a woman because it’s always consensual.
(very well written)

Epiphany in the Cacophony

sad-alone-cute-girl-waiting-someone-window My son would never rape a woman. It is brutal, disgusting and immoral. He simply isn’t capable of such a thing. She has obviously enticed him. __________________________________________________________

She was at the club when it happened. Short black dress, tall black drink. She stood in the middle of the dance floor, moved her hips slowly. She made eye contact with him. She even smiled. He walked up to her and asked her to meet him at his car. When she declined, he grabbed her arm.
And what a scene she created! She fought, screamed and kicked. You want this, he told her as he pulled her out of the club. NO, she screamed, yelling as he dragged her to his car. You don’t know what you want, you’re drunk.

She sat alone in the parking lot a few hours later. Disgusting girl, she reeked of smoke and alcohol. What…

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Perks of being an Orchid

‘Perks of Being an Orchid.’ That’s the final one, I thought to myself.

I decided to start blogging suddenly, out of the blue. For some reason I didn’t ever want to blog, I always feared I would be judged, or maybe I’m not good enough or just plain didn’t want to express. I guess today the sun rose from the West.

So after wasting half a day at work thinking about what name to use as a blogger, I decided on this. (I actually tried a quiz called Which Flower are you?) I am a Libran by birth (we are always confused), so knowing me I will probably start hating the name tomorrow or would find it silly. Till then, I am an Orchid. Being an orchid basically tells you everything about me.

Orchids are very artistic, independent, sweet, love to laugh and are usually VERY good comedians. Truly optimistic, they see the better in life and make very good friends and/or lovers. They are usually honest, loyal. However, even though most Orchids are very positive to their friends and to society, Orchids usually have a very dark secret that they don’t really share unless they feel that they can trust you (Which leads to Orchids being mysterious). Orchids can have abandonment issues, so if you think of wanting one as a lover, you better make it a long-term. Orchids are actually very wise and they seem to understand the world more than most. Orchids are also very spiritual, however not religious. (I have done the simplest thing of copy-pasting this from urbandictionary.com)

That summarises it, well most of it anyway. Most times, I am very open to sharing. But I’m like a complicated novel plot. You don’t know what comes from one moment to next (Sometimes Even I don’t). But I think that’s the beauty of life. Surprise! Even if it whacks you in the face or gives you those rare back-to-back happy days, you will still have some essence of mystery. And what’s life without mystery? The only thing that counts is living each moment, never regretting and having fun.

Until then, folks!